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Is the Crew for You?

  • First of all, you are familiar with the local EDM scene and have many big shows under your belt. You are no stranger to USC events and you feel at home on the dance floor.
  • You often find yourself playing the role of designated driver. You're the one who your squad depends on to get them home safe and sound.
  • You are the one keeping your friends hydrated and reminding them to take breaks.
  • You're the one that sticks by your friend that isn't having a good time when everyone else returns to the dance floor.
  • You're the one that helps your friends find the bathroom and sticks around to make sure they get back to your crew.
  • You're the hand they grab when they want to dance. But you're also the one that stays behind to comfort a friend when they would rather sit down instead.
  • You're the one that looks out for others and doesn't hesitate to talk to someone- even if they aren't in your group.
  • You feel comfortable navigating large crowds and understand of what it looks like when someone is "having a bad time."